Hemorrhoids Recovery Tips

What will Help?

Get on and off the pot!! Don't linger on the toilet. That may cut into your quiet time reading the Sunday comics, but never reading or staying too long on the throne is good advice for Hemorrhoid sufferers. Train yourself to have one bowel movement a day. Two is normal for many, but one daily is better for Hemorrhoid suffering. Move past issues of hard stools, constipation or diarrhea. Accomplish that through diet and avoid stool softeners, or laxatives. Do not strain during bowel movements. Practice good hygiene and keep the anal area clean. 

Introduce more fiber into your diet including whole grains like Amaranth, Barley, and Brown Rice. Include a quality yogurt in your diet. Cabbage is helpful for many. Avoid sitting for long periods but if you have a job where you must sit for long periods, try to stand up about every hour or so for five minutes just to keep circulation going.

What will Hurt?

Avoid alchohl, junk food, high carbs, sugar, and avoid fruit when trying to recover. Avoid the use of most topical remedies, many can prolong your suffering. Stay away from exercise that may strain the pelvic area when going through an episode of Hemorrhoids. Avoid sitz baths, coffee, dairy products or wheat if you even think they may contribute to your suffering with hemorrhoids.