Anal Fissures and Hemorrhoids

You have just experienced a very painful bowel movement followed by additional pain, swelling, and possibly bleeding. In most cases, this could pertain to one of the following conditions:

•    Hemorrhoids
•    Anal Fissures
•    Colon issues

However, it is important that you seek the advice of a doctor or qualified practitioner to help diagnose the condition and validate that it may not be something far more serious like colon cancer.

Anal fissures and hemorrhoids share many similarities, and it is not uncommon to have both problems taking place concurrently.  How do you know if you have anal fissures or hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a reflection of vascular/colon problems.  On average there is more swelling than might be noticed with a case of anal fissures.  In the case of internal hemorrhoids, they may be quite removed from the proximity of the sphincter muscle or anus.  Other types of hemorrhoids may surround the anus and present themselves as internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids or both.  Problems of constipation, diarrhea, or other colon issues may further contribute to the symptoms.

Anal fissures are often caused by constipation and less frequently related to problems of diarrhea.  Fissures are characterized by a physical tear in the tissue around the anus.  In most cases, this happens due to excessive straining during a bowel movement. Unfortunately, if the straining is related to constipation, then each successive bowel movement may keep the tear (fissure) from properly healing and may actually make the fissure larger over time. The pain can be excruciating and the passage of large or hard stools only makes matters worse. Anal fissure sufferers need a radical shift in diet and lifestyle if they hope to overcome the problem.
Advanced Health Choices has reviewed products that help with both conditions of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.  It is important to know which condition is causing the symptoms in order to pursue the right course of treatment.  We are dedicated to looking at natural solutions for avoiding surgery for hemorrhoids and anal fissures.  Click on the links below to review the best products available for helping with these conditions.

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